About Us Overview

RECM* (Regarding Capital Management) is a privately owned, independent asset management company that was founded in 2003 with the primary intention of putting clients' interests first.

At RECM we follow a disciplined, value-based philosophy that focuses on growing clients’ wealth in real terms above inflation, while protecting their capital against the risk of permanent capital loss.

We look to buy high quality businesses which are selling for substantially less than they are worth and then wait for this mispricing to be corrected over time. To get the full benefit of a value-based philosophy, proven to produce the best real returns over time, patience is demanded. This ability to make decisions based on long-term investment outcomes allows us to take advantage of significant opportunities in the market, where high quality businesses are cheap due to short-term negative sentiment. We stay away from expensive assets because the best way to protect clients’ capital is never to pay more for a business than what it is worth – no matter how popular it is at the time. To do so is to speculate, rather than to invest.

RECM is committed to being long-term stewards of our clients’ assets, remaining true to our investment philosophy and process and retaining close relationships with our clients. Our clients can also take comfort in knowing that we invest both our business and personal savings alongside theirs, paying the same fees.

*RECM (pronounced ree-see-em)