QI Hedge Fund


This fund is strictly for qualified investors only.
A “qualified investor” means any person, who invests a minimum amount of R1 million per hedge fund and who:-

  1. Has demonstrable knowledge and experience in financial and business matters which would enable the investor to assess the merits and risks of a hedge fund investment, or
  2. Has appointed a FSP who has demonstrable knowledge and experience to advise the investor regarding the merits and risks of a hedge fund investment.
“Qualified investor hedge fund” or “QI fund” means a hedge fund in which only qualified investors may invest.

Investor Profile
A limited pool of capital co-investing with proven value investors in the widest array of opportunities our universe offers, housed in a tax-efficient vehicle, with liquidity appropriately managed.

Investment Objective
The RECM Flexible Value Prescient Qualified Investor Fund is a fund with the benefit of a wide opportunity set that includes local and global assets, of varying size, across multiple asset classes, listed and unlisted. The Fund’s aim is to outperform the South African equity market over the long term by buying assets that are mispriced because they are neglected, ignored or unloved by virtue of their size, current circumstances or lack of liquidity. With the benefit of this opportunity set, a longer time horizon and less liquidity constraints, the fund is extremely well positioned to extract value from inefficient markets.

Launch Date: 02 May 2017
Total Fund Size: R75.5 million
Reg 28: No
Benchmark: FTSE/JSE All Share Index
Initial Fee (excl VAT): No initial fee
Annual Fee (excl VAT): Class A 1.0%
Class B 1.5%
Performance Fee: 20% of the outperformance of the hurdle over 5 year rolling periods