Global Feeder Fund (ZAR)


Investor Profile
The Prescient RECM Global Feeder Fund is a rand-denominated entry point into the Global Fund, a US-dollar denominated fund that invests primarily in high quality global companies but has the flexibility to default to cash if we can’t find sufficient value in global equities.

Investment Objective
To outperform the MSCI All Countries World Index measured in ZAR over the long term with lower than average risk of capital loss.

Launch Date: 01 Jul 2014
Total Fund Size: R252.8 million
Reg 28: No
Benchmark: MSCI All Countries World Index in ZAR
Initial Fee (excl VAT): No initial fee
Annual Fee (excl VAT): Class A 0.25% (excl. VAT)
Class B 0.75% (excl. VAT)
Class D 0.15% (excl. VAT)
Performance Fee: None