RECM Global Flexible Fund


Investor Profile
A rand-denominated worldwide balanced fund that has the flexibility to invest in equities, bonds, property and cash, both locally and globally. This fund is suitable for investors requiring a Tax Free Investment solution.

Investment Objective
To generate returns greater than inflation over the long term with lower than average risk for investors.

Launch Date: 03 Apr 2003
Fund Size (Class A) R752.3 million
Total Fund Size: R1.26 billion
Reg 28: No
Benchmark: SA CPI + 6% p.a.
Initial Fee (excl VAT): No initial fee
Annual Fee (excl VAT): Class A 1.0% (excl. VAT)
Class C 1.5% (excl. VAT)
Class E 0.9% (excl. VAT)
Class F 1.0% (excl. VAT)
Performance Fee: 20% of the outperformance of the hurdle over 5 year rolling periods

Performance Net of Fees and Expenses
To period ended 31 December 2016