RECM Global Flexible Fund


Investor Profile
A rand-denominated worldwide balanced fund that has the flexibility to invest in equities, bonds, property and cash, both locally and globally.

Investment Objective
To generate returns greater than inflation over the long term with lower than average risk for investors.

Launch Date: 03 Apr 2003
Fund Size (Class A) R752.3 million
Total Fund Size: R1.26 billion
Reg 28: No
Benchmark: SA CPI + 6% p.a.
Initial Fee (excl VAT): No initial fee
Annual Fee (excl VAT): Class A 1.0% (excl. VAT)
Class C 1.5% (excl. VAT)
Class E 0.9% (excl. VAT)
Performance Fee: 20% of the outperformance of the hurdle over 5 year rolling periods

Performance Net of Fees and Expenses
To period ended 31 December 2016