Equity Fund


Investor Profile
A rand-denominated equity fund that invests exclusively in South African equities. The Fund's aim is to outperform the South African equity market over the long term by selecting shares based on a value philosophy. The fund will remain more than 90% invested in equities at all times.

Investment Objective
To seek long-term capital growth with a level of risk acceptable to the more aggressive investor.

Launch Date: 02 Mar 2005
Total Fund Size: R97.4 million
Reg 28: No
Benchmark: FTSE/JSE All Share Index
Initial Fee (excl VAT): No initial fee
Annual Fee (excl VAT): Class B 1.0% (excl. VAT)
Class D 1.5% (excl. VAT)
Class F 0.9% (excl. VAT)
Performance Fee: None